How Does Working From Home Influence Teamwork?

A review the current scientific evidence with practical recommendations

How Does Working From Home Influence Teamwork?
11 minutes by Christiaan Verwijs

In this post, I will bring a scientific perspective to this question. I aim to review the current scientific evidence around how working from home affects employees and teams and to offer practical recommendations.

Unblocked provides development teams helpful and accurate answers to questions about their codebase. It consolidates fragmented information and surfaces relevant knowledge by complementing source code with the discussions from GitHub, Slack, Notion, JIRA (and more). Teams ship faster by spending less time digging for information and dealing with interruptions.

Understand resiliency patterns and trade-offs to architect efficiently in the cloud
9 minutes by Haresh Nandwani, Lewis Taylor, and Bonnie McClure

Architecting workloads for resilience on the cloud often need to evaluate multiple factors before they can decide the most optimal architecture for their workloads.

How Capable Leaders Navigate Uncertainty and Ambiguity
10 minutes by Tom Kerwin, John Cutler

What do leaders who are skilled at navigating complexity know how to do? What do they do differently? What would you observe if a leader had these skills?

I used to think that behavioral interviews were basically useless, because it was too easy for candidates to bullshit them and too hard for me to tell what was a good answer.

A mentee recently mentioned a really frustrating problem that her manager seems to be ignoring. The specific problem doesn't matter, so don't focus on the technical details here.

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