A Useful Productivity Measure

How are you measuring productivity?

A Useful Productivity Measure
10 minutes by James Shore

In my new role as VP of Engineering, there was one question I was dreading more than any other: “How are you measuring productivity?”

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The Boring Product Manifesto
3 minutes by John Cutler

In almost any job, there's a bit of overlap between the macro environment, corporate machinations, and the fairly straightforward (but challenging in its own right) job of doing good work.

6 minutes by Mike Fisher

What I’ve come to realize is that the best mentors are the ones that challenge my thinking. Some of these individuals are often not even in the tech industry but they know how to make me look at a situation from a different perspective. Often the topics are wide ranging from parenting to leadership to business.

Most software engineers learn to structure documents early in their lives as students writing academic essays. Academic essays are focused on presenting evidence to support a clear thesis, and generally build forward towards their conclusion.

Rare things become common at scale
5 minutes by Jason Cohen

Software doesn't scale through architecture and automation alone. New, more difficult problems appear that didn't exist before, causing new downstream consequences.

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