How to talk about deadlines at work

Why it feels awkward to push back on deadlines

Why it feels awkward to push back on deadlines, and how to make these conversations more approachable and effective.

GenAI is set to revolutionize the world of incident management. If you are looking for ways to empower your team with AI, this guide is for you. From AI assistants for on-call scheduling and automated alert analysis to AI-assisted incident communication, you will find ideas that will work for your team.

Across all of the reading I’ve done over the years, I’ve come across a few pieces of advice that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. These slices of wisdom have been immensely helpful to me and I wanted to share them both so that others can benefit.

Composite SLO
6 minutes by Alex Ewerlöf

Complex systems are composed of multiple parts. This page discusses how to calculate the reliability of such systems for parallel or serial dependencies with plenty of examples. It ends with tips on how to improve reliability of composite systems.

Ex-technology companies
5 minutes by Will Larson

One of the most interesting questions I got after joining Calm in 2020 was whether Calm was a technology company. Most interestingly, this question wasn’t coming from friends or random strangers on the internet, it was coming from the engineers working there.

Let’s wade through all of the competing opinions, complex frameworks and advice out there on how to be a better manager, creating a simple, data-backed leadership toolkit.

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