Strategy for Engineering Managers

Fulfilling the short-term work will keep the team afloat but not improve its condition.

Strategy for Engineering Managers
9 minutes by Francisco Trindade

Engineering Managers have their sights focused on execution and people. They are working to ensure their team is achieving its goals and that their reports are on the right growth path. And that is plenty. Keeping a team running smoothly while creating a fulfilling environment for its members can be a full-time job.

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Managing difficult software engineers
27 minutes by Vadim Kravcenko

Effectively managing difficult employees in a software engineering context hinges on three core principles: fostering trust by empowering autonomy, promoting growth through challenges and constructive feedback, and ensuring a comfortable work environment with streamlined processes and minimal disruptions.

Starting with a simple architecture and solving problems in simple ways where possible has allowed us to scale to this size while engineers mostly focus on work that delivers value to users.

Moving from individual contributor to engineering manager is a big move in many careers. These promotions and the mechanics of the change are done very differently across industry, with varying results.

As companies mature, it’s easy to believe that the core experience and most user needs have been resolved, and all that’s left to work toward are the marginal benefits, the cherries on top.

Navigating Extra Work in Programming Teams
4 minutes by Amin Rashidbeigi

In this blog post, I take a closer look at different aspects of doing extra work and putting it into practice.

Many C-Suite leaders are focused on how to build higher performance cultures. The irony, we’ve found, is that building a culture focused on performance may not be the best, healthiest, or most sustainable way to fuel results.

Discover 9 different ways to run a team health check, so you can decide which is best for you, and get started improving your team.

What to do in a cross-functional team and your organization is still using its existing approach to performance management and compensation.

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