Startup Make-Believe

Don’t fake it if you haven’t made it

Stop pretending to be something that they’re not, in particular a much larger and more mature business. Don’t fake it if you haven’t made it. Let’s dive into the common temptations of Startup Make-Believe, why they exist, and why they don’t make sense for an early stage business.

  • Don’t copy “Google”.

  • Be frugal with your processes.

  • Don’t get into a trap of data analytics.

  • Be careful with weird roles.

  • Use boring tech and don’t jump into hype.

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Shaping Patterns
8 minutes by Esther Derby

Patterns are meaningful events that repeat over time—actions and interactions, outcomes and results. That might be teams that flail and fail to deliver results. It might be conflicts that happen over and over. Or people waiting to be told what to do.

Wait, is cloud bad?
8 minutes by Forrest Brazeal

The article explores DHH's criticism of the cloud and highlights the need for companies to assess their unique circumstances and IT competence when making decisions regarding cloud adoption or on-premises solutions. Also, there’s a handy decision matrix when your organisation should or should not use cloud.

Apple’s Blue Ocean
6 minutes by John Siracusa

John discusses the concept of "blue ocean" strategy, which involves companies staking out unique positions in the market rather than competing in crowded, high-competition "red oceans." Apple has made some bold moves with its products, many of which were ridiculed at the time: a smartphone without a physical keyboard, a candy-colored desktop computer with no floppy drive and no legacy ports, a portable music player, a digital music store in the age of ubiquitous music piracy.

Private Estimates, Public Progress
7 minutes by Kent Beck

Kent Beck underscores the importance of adopting a flexible, collaborative approach to project planning and management, with a focus on delivering value rather than sticking to rigid schedules or metrics.

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