Where to Start with Strategy?

Successfully tackling the three most painful gaps gets you the proverbial 80/20

Where to Start with Strategy?
8 minutes by Roger Martin

In my experience, successfully tackling the three most painful gaps gets you the proverbial 80%-for-the-20% and encourages you to focus on and make the most important strategic choices. But don’t stop there.

WorkOS is a modern identity platform for auth as well as complex enterprise features like SSO, SCIM, and RBAC. It provides modular and easy-to-use APIs, helping hundreds of high-growth companies like Vercel, Webflow, and Perplexity become Enterprise Ready. Integration is simple, and you can enjoy free User Management up to 1,000,000 MAUs.

Managing High Performers
9 minutes by StaySaasy

The first rule of managing high performers is that you must manage them. Most managers mismanage high performers. In fact, most managers don’t really manage them at all. So, there are fewer managers who know how to manage high performers, let alone managers to write about it.

3 minutes by Anna Shipman

  • 1: one problem to solve or opportunity to grasp

  • measure: how will we know it’s solved/the opportunity is met. What metrics are we looking to shift, or outcomes are we looking to achieve?

  • 3: three options we have considered

  • 1: our one recommendation

What got you here won't get you there. To thrive beyond senior you need 3 critical skills: scaling yourself, navigating ambiguity, and influencing without authority.

A Software Engineering Career Ladder
7 minutes by James Shore

The new career ladder builds on the ideas of the previous spreadsheet to introduce the changes I want. Where the old spreadsheet focused on individual ownership and investigating new technologies, the new one emphasizes teamwork, peer leadership, and maintainable code.

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