Nobody Cares

Possibly the best leadership advice ever.

Nobody Cares
2 minutes by Ben Horowitz

When things go sideways all the mental energy you waste complaining would be far better used trying to find the one, seemingly impossible way out of your current mess.

Learn how to deploy a self-hosted HashiCorp Vault for efficient Kubernetes secret management. Instructed by author of “Road to Kubernetes”, Justin Mitchel, this half-day workshop includes a buffet lunch by Portillo’s, $250 in cloud computing credit, and a RocketBook Pro. Register today to secure your spot.

The Magic Prioritization Trick
3 minutes by John Cutler

Firstly, ask the team to organize their initiatives based purely on urgency—one axis, not two. Then proceed to value by moving vertically. And the last step, is to optimize by time to build.

When your employee asked for a raise, many ideas can run through your head.


  • answer impulsively,

  • say no without proper explanation,

  • break promises,

  • dodge difficult conversation and

  • give false hope.

What I wish I knew when I became CTO
6 minutes by David Mack

You can accumulate responsibility faster than you can learn how to harness it. A few points from David Mack on what he learned on his CTO journey at SketchDeck.

Sometimes it’s necessary. The true essence of effective leadership lies in adaptation. Each team member is unique, and successful management means experimenting with various approaches tailored to their individual needs.

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