Networking as an introvert CTO

There I was feeling like a fish out of water.

Networking as an introvert CTO
12 minutes by Vadim Kravcenko

There I was, standing in the middle of a buzzing tech event that our company organized, feeling like a fish out of water.

  1. Go to an event.

  2. Approach person and introduce yourself.

  3. Ask questions.

  4. Listen carefully and share your experiences.

  5. Go to 3 if the conversation feels fresh; otherwise, continue.

  6. End gracefully. Go to 2 if you’re not tired; otherwise, continue.

  7. Eat some food. Leave the event.

  8. Follow up with everyone you liked via email.

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On Stakeholders, And How To Discover Them
11 minutes by Christiaan Verwijs

Helpful strategies to find out who your stakeholders are because knowing your stakeholders isn’t optional.

Cycling provides interesting example for software development. Like software development it's possible to race individually or in teams. A group that's an effective team will outperform the same group acting as individuals every time.

Don’t blame it all on bloat—the reason is complicated.

  1. Software is not as simple as it used to be.

  2. Much of today’s complexity is invisible.

  3. Slower is not necessarily worse.

Manage Your Capacity, Not Your Time
6 minutes by James Stanier

We obsess over managing our time. However, we should focus on managing our capacity instead: it's our ability to do our best work.

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