What makes a strategy great

Most so-called "strategies" are vague, wishful thinking, written once and never seen again

What makes a strategy great
29 minutes by Jason Cohen

Most so-called "strategies" are vague, wishful thinking, written once and never seen again. Don't do that. These are the characteristics of great strategy.

Is data import costing your company time and resources? Sticking with your outdated solution due to cost constraints or lack of resources impacts your bottom line. Flatfile’s API-first data exchange platform allows developers to build fully customizable workflows, so you can scale your business, minimize opportunity costs, and eliminate functionality constraints, resulting in increased profits.

A framework for integrating technology and business strategy based on ten common strategic directions.

I’ve been reading about role-based belonging. This is a paper I’ve come back to several times in the last few months. I especially like this very clear first paragraph: As individuals engage with roles—whether starting a new job, entering a new friendship network, or declaring a new major—they ask whether they belong in that specific role.

Improvements in your engineering team's workflow don't occur independent of each other.

Hire for Floors, not Ceilings
2 minutes by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

When you’re hiring, try not to get caught in the trap of evaluating candidates based on their best possible performance. Look instead for consistency: reliable results in variable conditions, the ability to deliver predictably with consistent quality, and so forth.

It’s not that technical skills aren’t important, but that soft skills are a lot more important.

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