How to keep us innovative?


How to keep us innovative?
7 minutes by Nicole


Use proven “boring” technology and only deviate when it solves a business problem fundamentally better.

  1. Understand the problem

  2. Prove that a solution exists

  3. Reduce down the solution

  4. Evaluate your design again

  5. Socialize the design

As a principal engineer, you should keep your company off the bleeding edge as much as possible.

Building notifications gets complicated fast. Knock abstracts away the complexity of notification infrastructure by giving you a single API for managing channels such as email, in-app, Slack, push, and SMS. You also get full observability and analytics about your message and user behavior, letting engineering and product teams analyze, test, and iterate quickly.

Experience isn’t always the most important. A team needs to be continuously adapting by bringing in fresh perspectives who eventually develop into leaders. Ideally, this means redressing the balance towards more junior members of your team, supplemented by more experienced eyes over things.

14 signs that your leadership team might not actually be a well-functioning team in contrast with 20 of the high-performing one.

How DoorDash Defines Great Engineering Management
13 minutes by Landis Coutzoukis and others

DoorDash shares their job description for engineering management track with detailed focus on business outcomes, team, and engineering excellence from manager to senior director.

On Ambiguity
2 minutes

One of the most common management mistakes is not providing clarity when people are wrong on important, invested efforts. Trying to be “nice” where you should be clear is one of the worst things you can do. Make sure there’s no ambiguity when someone is wrong on a big thing. Be empathetic, be polite, but be clear.

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