The Impact of AI Tool on Engineering at ANZ Bank

An empirical study on GitHub Copilot within corporate environment

The Impact of AI Tool on Engineering at ANZ Bank
20 minutes by Sayan Chatterjee et al.

The group that had access to GitHub Copilot was able to complete their tasks 42.36% faster than the control group participants. This result is statistically significant. The code produced by Copilot participants contained fewer code smells and bugs on average, meaning it would be more maintainable and less likely to break in production.

WorkOS supports both the foundational auth as well as complex enterprise features like SSO, SCIM, and RBAC. It provides flexible and easy-to-use APIs, helping companies like Vercel, Webflow, and become Enterprise Ready. WorkOS also features the Admin Portal that allows you to onboard IT teams to SSO in minutes. Best of all, WorkOS User Management is free up to 1 million MAUs.

The Tarzan Method
10 minutes by James Stanier

Sometimes fixating on a career goal can make your ultimate destination worse. Instead, think about your career like Tarzan.

If you do believe that the best results come from your people being at their best most of the time, then becoming more of a leader-coach yourself is the best investment you can make for yourself—and your people.

Never struggle to give feedback again
12 minutes by Jordan Cutler

7 simple steps to tackle any feedback situation.

It's a torturous chaos until it isn't
6 minutes by Jason Cohen

Even at wildly successful startups, the first few years are gut-wrenching, uncertain, on the brink of collapse, where pessimism is realism, and yet optimism is required.

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