The Human Side of Software Engineering Teams

Starting point for a theory about human challenges in teams and their causes in software engineering

The Human Side of Software Engineering Teams
30 minutes by Marco Hoffmann et al.

An analysis of which challenges in software engineering teams are most frequent is still missing. As teams are more international, it is more frequent that their members have different human values as well as different communication habits.

The research team found that individuals’ values do not largely influence the frequency and criticality of challenges within a team. However, diversity in nationalities and a higher degree of team virtualization do seem to have an influence in the form of more frequent and critical challenges.

Planning With Outcome Roadmaps
7 minutes by Itamar Gilad

Using outcomes for yearly planning, resource allocation, and progress measurement requires a new type of roadmap.

Square of Happiness
9 minutes by Mike Fisher

How to create an engaged culture? In a nutshell, crafting a culture that embodies service, fosters growth, celebrates communal success, and encourages autonomy, is akin to laying the foundation of not just a thriving organization but a fulfilling professional journey.

Within the leadership philosophy of "Intent-Based Leadership," there is a saying that goes: "Create leaders, not followers." It sounds great, and no one would argue against it, but do you really understand what it means? I didn’t, until I heard a story that I will now share with you.

"What should my week look like, and what exactly should I be doing?"

In this essay, Nicola provides answers to these questions but also guides you through the process of creating a weekly calendar that reflects the typical responsibilities of an EM.

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