How to hire low experience, high potential people

Finding diamonds in the rough

Finding diamonds in the rough.

Codacy is an all-in-one solution that helps you enforce code quality and security gates upstream in the development lifecycle before code ever gets merged. Now integrated with leading security scanner Semgrep, Codacy Security boasts nearly 2,000 SAST rules to check your code across 20+ languages, as well as secrets and insecure dependencies detection.

Roadmaps are tools
6 minutes by Jamie McDonald

All the ways roadmaps can help or hinder software teams.

How to get good at giving feedback
5 minutes by James Samuel

Feedback is the breakfast of champions and this is how you prepare it.

Discover the main components of an engineering growth framework that promotes high performance, including setting clear expectations, building competence, and achieving adaptability.

A quick 5-question quiz to find if engineering management is a good fit for you.

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