How to be a good listener

It’s what makes this whole civilization thing possible

How to be a good listener
7 minutes by Molly Brodak

It’s a good thing for our survival. It’s what makes this whole civilization thing possible, these linked minds. So why are so many people still so bad at listening?

Unblocked provides engineering teams helpful and accurate answers to questions about the codebase. It answers the what, why, and how by complementing the source code with code-related content on GitHub, Slack, JIRA, Notion and more. No more wasting hours digging through documentation or waiting on responses — Unblocked helps teams write the right code with the right context.

Giving detailed feedback on work output takes time, and it’s time well spent. There are some things you simply can't outsource.

It seemed like a good idea in 2001, it wasn’t. It’s an anti-pattern for stability.

How to Deal with Negative Behavior
10 minutes by Péter Szász

Thoughts on the aspects a manager should take into account when the negative behavior of someone on their team is impacting others - or themselves.

Parkinson's Law: It's Real, So Use It
4 minutes by James Stanier

Parkinson's Law states that projects will fill the time that is allocated to them. So why not set a deadline and take advantage of it?

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