The Fairytale Narrative: Structured strategic planning

Fits naturally in our brains, and can guide strategic problem-analysis, and a plan that everyone understands

Traditional fairytale structure fits naturally in our brains, and thus can guide strategic problem-analysis, and a plan that everyone understands.

WorkOS enables developers to easily implement features that every enterprise customer requires, such as Single Sign-On, SCIM, Audit Logs, and User Management. Beautiful API docs guide every step of the way, and transparent pricing scales based on usage. It’s a product built by developers, for developers.

Synchronizing concurrent teams
6 minutes by Mark Seemann

Or, rather: Try not to.

Supporting Sustainability
7 minutes by Benji Weber

But what about from the management side? Management has a bad reputation in the tech community. And yet, it’s still common, with the best of intentions, to create systems that result in unsustainable software development, and lots of technical debt. How does this happen?

Pressure on complex systems can create many small, seemingly un-correlated issues that on the surface seem unrelated to their shared root cause.

5 minutes by Will Larson

After I joined Carta earlier this year, we spent a while exploring areas where we could make it easier for engineers to do highly productive work. One topic that came up was technical decision making within engineering.

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