An Engineering Leader's Job Search Algorithm

Get a job that you love and pays you what you are worth

This outlines the algorithm I’ve used for my job searches. It’s not perfect. There’s no one right way to do this, and your mileage will vary.

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DORA Metrics at
10 minutes by Egor Savochkin

How we doubled our team’s delivery performance within a year as measured by DORA metrics.

Double Loop of Value
4 minutes by Jessica Joy Kerr

If a company maximizes money made, then it’ll take shortcuts in engineering. This increases quarterly earnings, but bites them in the long term.

Breaking Down Tasks
11 minutes by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Something missing from this series on estimation, until now, has been a discussion of how to “break down” a project into a well-defined task list. I’d not previously written about this because, to me, it’s largely intuitive. But it isn’t for everyone, so this post fills the gap, and explains in detail how I break down projects into a task list.

Service Level Agreement
8 minutes by Alex Ewerlöf

Learn the basics of service level agreement in relation to the service level objective and service level indicators. Focused on the accurate definitions of these terms in SRE, this article digs deep into why service providers offer an SLA with plenty of examples.

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