The Engineering executive’s role in hiring

Everyone in an engineering organization contributes to the hiring process

Everyone in an engineering organization contributes to the hiring process. As an engineer, you may have taken pride in being an effective interviewer. As an engineering manager, you may have prioritized becoming a strong closer, convincing candidates to join your team. As a more senior manager, you will have likely shifted focus to training others and spending time with candidates for particularly senior roles. As an engineering executive, your role in the hiring process will shift once again.

Ticket-centric development may lead to a disconnect between code creation and your business goals. Once intended to be an asset, the code can become a burden — wasting resources, time, and effort. Ultimately, reckless ticking off backlog items may result in an inability to solve genuine user problems and generate revenue. Explore how to avoid ticket development pitfalls to let your product grow in the right direction.

Scenarios are an underappreciated way to model infosec risk. A scenario is simply a future, consequential event you write to express a risk you’re concerned about. I’ve found that scenarios are flexible, creative, powerful, and rich with neat features. A good risk scenario focuses groups on their work… so writing them well is a craft that makes teams better.

Anything But Tech Debt
8 minutes by Emily Nakashima

Engineers are often stuck between a rock and a hard place: address tech debt, or ship new features? Get VP of Engineering Emily's take.

I’ve been at my current job for three years, and I am suddenly, accidentally, the most senior engineer on the team. I spend my days handling things like bootcamps, mentoring, architecture, and helping other engineers carve off meaningful work.

Time Demands on Leaders
6 minutes by Mike Fisher

Do leaders have time for deep work? A very common thread that I hear from lots of technology leaders is their inability to find any time for deep thinking. By deep thinking, I’m referring to spending time on tasks such as forming a multi-year strategic vision or contemplating a major architectural change.

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