Dev to Team Lead: 8 Things They Didn’t Tell Me

When I was promoted to Dev Team Lead, I was in over my head

When I was promoted to Dev Team Lead, I was in over my head. Read the 8 things that I wish someone had told me when I was promoted.

Snyk has been named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Application Security Testing. Evaluate the recognized vendors and see why Snyk was recognized.

We all love building greenfield projects. 1 But inevitably, starting a new project involves lots of meetings with business stakeholders to hash out initial requirements and canonical data models.

This article reviews earlier articles on the topic of residuality theory and places residuality theory in the context of the complexity sciences, relating the major concepts of residuality theory in terms of Kauffman Networks, complex networks, random simulations, and attractors.

Although not as popular as a Definition of Done, some Scrum teams use a Definition of Ready to control what product backlog items can enter an iteration.

Each of us has an implicit reputation score, which formal power can only overcome to an extent. Even the most junior engineer can work up a respectable reputation over time, and even principal engineers can fritter theirs away by shooting off at the mouth.

Data APIs are reshaping the world of data delivery and access, enabling enterprises to do more with their data by serving it where it’s needed and when it’s needed in a fast, secure, and flexible way. Join us to hear from Hasura CEO and Co-founder, Tanmai Gopal, on the future of APIs to unlock the full potential of your data investments.

Whether it's building a new project from scratch, implementing a big feature, or beginning a large refactor, it can be difficult to stay motivated and complete large technical projects. A method that works really well for me is to continuously see real results and to order my work based on that.

It takes practice to communicate well. Being a great writer or communicator is a kind of superpower that makes nearly every aspect of your life easier. But with great power comes great responsibility; the clarifying power of language can also be used to confound.