Cutting software waste

Where are the most impactful wastes in the software business

Cutting software waste
13 minutes by Joe Littlejohn

Where are the most impactful wastes in the software business, and how can we eliminate them?

What you need for better GenAI applications

Pinecone Research reveals that RAG using Pinecone serverless improves GPT-4 answers by 50%, even on data it was trained on. The more data you can search over, the more faithful the results, getting state of the art performance across all LLMs. 

Operational Health Maturity Model
6 minutes by Iccha Sethi

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.

To enable a fast and reliable continuous integration process, McDonald’s turns to reusable workflows and GitHub Actions.

Seasoned product leader and Slack’s CPO Noah Desai Weiss shares the three-step framework he leans on to make quality product decisions with just the right amount of risk.

In tech, we're fortunate to have separate management and technical tracks, though it's still underdeveloped. However, the path you take isn't very clear, it's not broadly understood what the responsibilities are, and there aren't as many resources out there as there are for management. But there are still some really good resources.

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