Career Advice: Simplifiers Go Far, Complexifiers Get Stuck

Strive to make things simple. Seek to understand them.

Strive to make things simple. Seek to understand them. Struggle to find apt metaphors for them. If you’re not burning real energy trying to simplify things for you audience, you are most like a complexifier.

WorkOS supports a complete User Management solution along with SSO, SCIM, RBAC, & FGA. Unlike other auth providers that rely on user-centric models, WorkOS is specifically designed for B2B SaaS with an organization modeling approach. The APIs are flexible and modular, allowing for quick integration within minutes. Pricing is transparent and scales with your growth. User Management is also free up to 1 million MAUs and includes bot protection, impersonation, MFA, & more.

Physics and perception
9 minutes by Will Larson

At one point, several parts of Stripe’s engineering organization were going through a polite civil war. The conflict was driven by one group’s belief that Java should replace Ruby. Java would, they posited, address the ongoing challenge of delivering a quality platform in the face of both a rapidly growing business and a rapidly growing engineering organization. The other group believed Stripe’s problems were driven by a product domain with high essential complexity and numerous, demanding external partners ranging from users to financial institutions to governments; switching programming languages wouldn’t address any of those issues.

Beyond micromanaging or labeling everything "ASAP," here are 4 most critical things you can do as a leader to help your team become accountable to itself.

How to manage the goal lifecycle and steer towards business and user outcomes rather than “place bets” on unproven ideas.

Staying In Touch
5 minutes by John Cutler

I have been fascinated recently by how teams (and organizations) fall into downward spirals. Sports and fitness analogies mostly fall apart because we are talking about groups of humans and complex sociotechnical systems—not a single organism. All that said, I do think there are some similarities worth exploring.

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