Broken Ownership

When elements are missing from the ownership trio and what are the consequences

Broken Ownership
5 minutes by Alex Ewerlöf

In You build it, you own it we discussed the 3 elements of the ownership trio: knowledge, mandate and responsibility. This article examines different scenarios where 1-2 of these elements are missing from the ownership trio and discuss their consequences.

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Learn what adaptive leadership is, how it compares to other leadership styles, and how you can adopt its principles.

People inform me they are busy as if it is a badge of honor. For me, it is a signal that they have a weak personal Playing to Win strategy.

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Forecasting Team Performance
5 minutes by Ness Velazquez

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The remote discussion is complex and hard to discuss rationally. In this post we discuss the future of remote work, and provide a framework for thinking through the remote revolution

Remote work requires communicating more, less frequently, because asynchronous communication involves less frequent, but richer communication, meaning there is less time talking about the work and more time doing it, allowing the system to optimize for throughput and flow.

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