Why Should You Become An Engineering Manager?

Engineering managers are incredibly important and we need them

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I hope you had a great break and we’re back with a few excellent articles. What’s your New Year’s resolution in regards to your leadership career?

These days, management seems a lot less attractive. It’s getting harder to find engineers who are willing to give it a try. It is fantastic that people aren’t being driven into management out of greed, rage, or a lust for power. On the other hand, engineering managers are incredibly important and we need them. Desperately.

KATA is the supertool for eng leaders providing visibility and workflow automation across your tools, teams, projects, and initiatives. It autogenerates updates, summarizes Slack, and makes it effortless to see the latest demo or key decisions being made. Need metrics and insights? KATA has those too, in context. It’s your all-in-one tool to keep your team in sync, async and shipping faster.

My Diverse Hiring Playbook
13 minutes by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

When I’ve been responsible for hiring, those teams have consistently been more diverse than industry norms, often significantly so. Over the years, I’ve developed a set of “plays”, some go-to tactics for increasing the diversity of my hiring pipeline. This is that playbook.

The Value of Canonicity
17 minutes by Felipe Hummel

What happens when we run an engineering organization by constraining the number of tools in our toolbox “for the greater good”?

Architects and Tech Leads
8 minutes by Mike Fisher

What do they do and how do they work together? Today I want to focus on these two roles, how they interact, how they work with product managers, and highlighting potential areas of conflict and the crucial role of engineering managers in resolving these.

Security at Startup
16 minutes by Vadim Kravcenko

In my opinion, security is one of the most forgotten aspects of software engineering. It rarely gets focused on until it’s too late.

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