AI in software engineering at Google

Progress and the path ahead

In 2019, a software engineer — at Google or indeed anywhere else — would have heard of advances in machine learning, and how deep learning has become remarkably effective in fields such as computer vision or language translation. However, most of them would not have imagined, let alone experienced, the ways in which machine learning might benefit what they do.

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What Really Motivates You at Work?
2 minutes by by Carrie Ott-Holland

When we work hard, we generally expect our efforts to be recognized by our employer. And most employers will do just that — showering someone with praise at a company meeting, taking a team to a nice dinner, or quietly delivering a cash bonus. But sometimes an employer’s broader recognition strategy does not align with what its individual workers want and need.

The Confrontation Obligation
3 minutes by Ravi Gupta

“CEO jobs are insanely confrontational, which is not human nature. We don’t like it. We’re not naturally confrontational.” —Frank Slootman

The Lindy Effect on startup potential
5 minutes by Jason Cohen

On average, you're halfway to your final destination. How, then, do we not only double from here, but 10x?

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