What Actually Drives Productivity

Developer experience focuses on the lived experience of developers

Engineering leaders have long sought to improve the productivity of their developers, but knowing how to measure or even define developer productivity has remained elusive. Past approaches, such as measuring the output of developers or the time it takes them to complete tasks, have failed to account for the complex and diverse activities that developers perform. Thus, the question remains: What should leaders measure and focus on to improve developer productivity?

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Solving a customer problem with software is a complex activity. It goes from understanding the problem to identifying possible solutions to improve the situation and then delivering it: plan and execute the initiative to create the software.

Are you a software architect and often find it difficult to make architecture decisions in your team? This article shows you how to use architecture principles to make effective decisions in your team.

Differences in communication styles can be a constant source of conflict on diverse teams. Understanding these differences is key to building trust, avoiding misunderstandings and leading more effectively.

The original architecture, optimized for concurrency, has been suffering from delays in notification delivery. The engineers used improved observability to make significant gains through experimentation.

What if, hear me out, what if the only work that matters in a knowledge economy happens when we are together? What if the reason we can’t seem to fix meetings is that we’re mischaracterizing “the work” in the first place?