Accountability for Effective Teams

Accountability for measurable outcomes is “not the most important kind.” It’s the easy kind.

Last week, I've stumbled upon a pitch for a role-playing game from 1994. That game turned out to be one of the most successful games in history. And recently got its fourth title in the series.

Diablo turned out to be extremely influential part of my life. Not because I've spent countless hours grinding the medieval catacombs but because I've built a website about it.

It wasn't the best website. It had yellow text on black background. Bleeding title. Clipart designed headers. The obligatory marquee. Burning flames. It wasn't popular – only a few friends reading and writing about their virtual adventures.

But I've built a website. And after that, I've made another one. And then another one for a business.

Diablo got me started in tech. From a simple website with burning flames 25 years ago to running teams and building amazing products today.

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Accountability for measurable outcomes is “not the most important kind.” It’s the easy kind.

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Estimation Isn’t for Everyone
10 minutes by The NYT Open Team

Reduce overhead by removing one of them: estimation. We believe that mature Agile teams can evolve beyond the tedium of debating Fibonacci scores and operate better without them. Once your team turns its focus to breaking problems down to their component parts, all you need is a little math to plan your next project.

The process I describe below is intended to be short and sharp. It will give you a systems architecture that you can pressure test and refine. It will also guide on how to carve out the first meaningful slice.

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What Strategy Questions are You Asking?
9 minutes by Roger Martin

The most popular view of the nature of competitive advantage is that it is represented by a moat. The person who popularized this view is Warren Buffett who famously spoke on the subject during the 1995 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

The dark side of the leadership
3 minutes by Elena Verna

That nobody talks about.

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