Building a Data-driven Hiring Machine

#110 – October 10, 2022


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In this article, I would like to pass along some of my learnings in setting up a hiring machine for scaling an (engineering) organisation. In fact, these learnings are applicable to any hiring process you would need to setup at scale. There are many ways to build a recruitment machine and I am sure that what you will read in this article is not exhaustive or either the best possible way.

There are several ways to design a system in software engineering, and every design has its own merits and challenges. So metimes different design approaches try to achieve similar objectives. When we think about software architecture design, especially in the object-oriented world, the three most talked about patterns are Clean Architecture, Hexagonal Architecture, and Onion Architecture.

I had just joined a new team and asked my new teammates about our architecture. What were we building?

For this piece, I am going to simplify management a bit. Let us assume there are three different hats you wear as a manager. They are: the Leader, the Fixer, and the Coach. I will briefly explain each role and then explain how I’ve screwed up each. I’m going in reverse order because I’m building tension.

Every one of us wants to know what are the opportunities for them and what they can do to get there and fulfill their ambitions. We want to be transparent and fully aligned on the expectations and effectively discuss what are the things that work well/need to be improved.