Your CTO Should Actually Be Technical

#109 – October 03, 2022


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How technical should a CTO/VPE be? It’s a question you might think contains its own answer—aren’t Chief Technology Officers or Vice Presidents of Engineering…always technical?

For a decade now, I’ve been writing and sharing free tools, templates, and how-tos for managers. My hope is, of course, that these have all been useful for you. But, my organization of it all finally hit a breaking point, so I’ve created a new, one stop shop for the most-searched-for topics.

As a leader, you are usually bombarded with multiple initiatives, projects being delivered, data being collected, and people having opinions. Navigating all of that and finding productive outcomes for the group is certainly the main challenge of the role.

Can a waterfall sprint? Can a greyhound slow down? I’ve run my own independent design business for 18 years. Starting back when waterfall was all we had, then transitioning to extreme agile, and all the variations in between.

This quote is from Kent Beck, a software developer and the creator of the extreme programming methodology.


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