How to Be a Senior Leader

#104 – August 29, 2022


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Many people want to advance in their careers. It’s natural to seek career progression and the increased compensation and autonomy that typically come with it (although of course it’s also more than fine to remain in a role that you enjoy for the long term).

The first one, is to organize teams to be cross-functional. Generally, to get any product built, you need Product Managers to represent the business, Product Designers to represent the customer and Engineers to build.

It’s easier to manage 4 people than it is to manage one person. The primary reason for this is the inherent over-reliance in the relationship between a manager and a single report. Let’s dive deeper.

In our work, we regularly find a place where we wonder what the author had in mind. Not once, not twice, after removing the meaningless IF, it turned out that we got an angry call from the client informing us that some critical feature was not working anymore. It appears that the IF, which we considered useless, served something.

My team needed to redesign all five applications within three months. The problem was the sheer amount of work. We needed to re-architect some core UI components and update a ton of code. We only had three people on the team.


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