A framework for Engineering Managers

#100 – August 01, 2022


OtterTune discovers and reveals new approaches to optimization that most human DBAs can't detect with AI-powered automatic tuning.

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This framework allows software engineering managers to have meaningful conversations with their direct reports around the expectations of each position and how to plan for the next level in their career ladder.

This week, we’ll look closer at a subject that seems simple in principle, but in practice can be quite tricky.

The total cost of a software feature comprises more than just the time spent on writing the code. When you think about the steps from the first idea to the release of the product, various contributing factors come to mind.

If an engineer is going to hit the same friction again and again due to tech debt - it is going to demoralize them. So as important as it is to launch new features, it is also important that your Investment Portfolio is healthy - which is where tackling tech debt comes in.

Let’s be honest. When you read this post’s title, you thought it was obvious. Yet, most people don’t follow this simple piece of advice. You know that too, and that’s probably what led you here.