Risk, decisons, and scarcity

#99 – July 25, 2022


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this week's favorite

This weekend I took a long walk with a fellow founder/CEO. We talked on the phone before, but never met in person. We found ourselves in the same city, so it felt like it was time to shake hands and catch up IRL.

Like other high-growth start-ups, Flo Health adapts its organizational structure to meet the demands of growth and opportunities. As the internal structure changes, processes evolve, including the hiring process.

This is a broad question, and every single person is different. However, this question is interesting because it can be used to begin some valuable self-inquiry.

Yearly software development plans are my favourite genre of fiction. In the fabulous world of yearly plans, product developers assume they know exactly what product they must build and how long each task will take.

In many organizations, once the work has been done to integrate a new system into the mainframe, say, it becomes much easier to interact with that system via the mainframe rather than repeat the integration each time. For many legacy systems with a monolithic architecture this made sense, integrating the same system into the same monolith multiple times would have been wasteful and likely confusing. Over time other systems begin to reach into the legacy system to fetch this data, with the originating integrated system often "forgotten".