The 7 roles of a CTO

#96 – July 04, 2022


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This post is about me figuring out what a CTO does. I tried to be methodical and deep about it, and broke it down to a few different aspects. It gave me some structure and helped talking about my responsibility, I hope it will be useful for more people

We all make lots of decisions every day. Most of them are subconscious. Some are small and trivial, like whether to wear a t-shirt or a jumper. And others are less frequent but carry lots more weight. On a personal level, it could be deciding whether to buy a house. In business, they can range from priority decisions to company takeovers.

If you keep an eye on German automotive companies, you will see a pattern. Their software is a huge mess and they have trouble finding and keeping developers, which leads to a high turnover rate, that amplifies existing issues.

If you want to climb the career ladder to architect roles, you're going to have a broad base of competencies. Whether it's in cloud, security, or data science, we break down how you can land architect roles and the skills you need to learn to pay the bills.

Product and engineering leaders tend to be analytical, and we think of prioritization as an algorithmic problem. Unfortunately, other execs see a different kind of problem.