Shipping to Production

#93 – June 13, 2022


The auth requirements of a product change over time and, when done correctly, can help businesses generate leads and scale. We compiled some of the common stages of auth that products tend to go through, along with the bare minimum features you’ll need in each stage.

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How you ship your code to production in a way that is fast and reliable, is a question more engineers and engineering leaders should educate themselves on. The teams and companies that can do both – ship quickly / frequently and with good quality – have a big advantage over competitors who struggle with either constraint.

“I have an underperforming team member that I have tried to give feedback to. However, part of the challenge is that he is incredibly passive, so I’m not sure the feedback has been received effectively. Without there being any surprises, I do want to fully leverage the formality of this upcoming performance review conversation to very clearly level-set expectations and begin to either get him on an improvement path or open the door to finding him a better fit.”

Momentum is a measure of the tendency for a moving object to remain in motion. It takes energy to create but once it’s there, it takes energy to slow it down.

Many peoples’ work generate value by focussing on things that appear to have no measurable or apparently justifiable customer benefit. Moreover, judgements on these matters are what people are (and should be) paid to exercise.

“What’s your 3-5 year plan? Where do you see yourself in a few years? What do you want to accomplish?” Unless you’re in a massively trusting setting (e.g. a spouse or best friend), who wants to answer these kinds of questions?