Avoiding the Rewrite Trap

#138 – May 08, 2023

The team they are managing is frustrated. They are struggling to ship features, and they complain that the issue is that the old systems are just too hard to work in. They are written in a legacy programming language that no one likes, the original builders made bad architectural choices that just won’t scale, or everything is just far too brittle and every change takes too long to test and still fails half the time.

Cody is an AI code assistant that lives in your editor and can find, explain, and write context-aware code, eliminating toil and keeping human devs in flow. Think of Cody as your assistant who has read through all the code in open source, all the questions on StackOverflow, and your own codebase, and is always there to answer questions or suggest ways of doing something based on prior knowledge.

After many years of development, the Vale compiler just hit its 100,000th line of code.

eBay's core page — the View Item page — gets 250 million views per day. Here's how we took on the task of modernizing it.

In 2023, our universe has shifted. There’s little hiring happening, and most companies are eliminating roles to meet investor and market pressure to operate in an environment where fundraising new cash is significantly more expensive.

I recently completed my first role as a Chief Product and Technology Officer. As the position becomes increasingly common, I wanted to share my experience, including why I accepted the role.

Starting a new job can be stressful so I've developed an algorithm that has helped me get up to speed quickly.

Engineering for 99.5% uptime is more cost-effective than 99.99% for most startups.