A Fresh Perspective on Forecasting in Software Development

#137 – May 01, 2023

Bias and noise play a huge role in organizations, and their presence most likely goes unnoticed when making software forecasts. This article explores software forecasting in this light and offers advice on what to do to combat bias and noise.

Whether it's for compliance or just best practice, requiring code reviews at scale can be a challenge. PullApprove brings more control and automation to PRs and reviews. Your process can be codified and guide authors and reviewers through each step.

This blog post discusses the strategies that Slack uses to manage the lifecycle (development, support, and eventual retirement) of infrastructure projects, through the lens of the migration through three successive internal “platform” offerings.

Ad-hoc SRE principles can get you on the right track, but if you want to sustain it long term, you'll need organizational structure.

Here’s a small, lovingly hand-curated selection of my prodigious oeuvre of mistakes, and strategies that helped me mitigate them.

As a software system scales it becomes sufficiently large that the number of working parts, coupled with the number of working programmers making changes on it, makes the behaviour of the system extremely difficult to reason about.

A friend of mine called. He was overwhelmed by a home renovation project that ballooned in size. What started as a simple kitchen countertop replacement turned into more work in the kitchen, new lighting throughout the house, a master bathroom gut rehab, and new flooring in every room.