Patterns of legacy displacement

#49 – August 09, 2021

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When faced with the need to replace existing software systems, organizations often fall into a cycle of half-completed technology replacements. Our experiences have taught us a series of patterns that allow us to break this cycle, relying on: a deliberate recognition of the desired outcomes of displacing the legacy software, breaking this displacement in parts, incrementally delivering these parts, and changing the culture of the organization to recognize that change is the unvarying reality.

Wrong estimates aren’t your fault, but they are definitely your problem.

In my early software development career, with much hard work, I am very fortunate to become a software manager relatively early. Being relatively young and naive as a new manager, my focus has been on commitments and project deliveries.

Staying in a role builds valuable, company-specific domain knowledge. Leaving often results in a pay day.

I want to discuss the opportunities some organizations miss to improve the productivity of their teams. Oftentimes, when you talk to the developers themselves, it’s quite evident what they need. But this never lands well at the management level.


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