Implementers, Solvers, and Finders

#135 – April 17, 2023

Could it be that we’ve utterly mischaracterized how career development as a programmer should work? The guiding trifecta of Junior, Regular, & Senior is incredibly easy to game.

As an engineering leader, a recession presents an opportunity to refocus and prioritize. Learn how to lead your teams through the uncertainties of the recession and continue to drive positive business impact with this actionable checklist. 🚀

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. As a leader, you need to be able to connect with your team on a deep level. You need to understand their motivations.

At LinkedIn, developer productivity and happiness has always been a priority. It is critical for our engineering leaders to understand how efficiently and effectively their teams are operating to continuously deliver value-added features for our members and build an industry-leading engineering culture.

We can’t accurately predict AI’s impact but we can explore some possible disruption points.

A common approach with Timeboxed Iterations is to allocate as many UserStories as possible to each iteration in order to maximize the utilization of the staff involved. Slack is the policy of deliberately leaving time that isn't allocated for stories, using that time for unplanned work. Although this seems inefficient, it usually yields a significant improvement for the productivity of a team.

Notifications are a key aspect of the Slack user experience. Users rely on timely notifications of mentions and DMs to keep on top of important information. Poor notification completeness erodes the trust of all Slack users. Notifications flow through almost all the systems in our infrastructure.

Rotate datacenter credentials every few minutes or hours. Repave every server and application in the datacenter every few hours from a known good state. Repair vulnerable operating systems and application stacks consistently within hours of patch availability. Faster is safer.