Untangling Microservices

#133 – April 03, 2023

The microservices honeymoon period is over. Uber is refactoring thousands of microservices into a more manageable solution; Kelsey Hightower is predicting monoliths are the future; and even Sam Newman is declaring that microservices should never be the default choice, but rather a last resort.

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A staff developer is an individual contributor who can have the same scope of impact and seniority as an engineering manager.

Companies that survive will be the ones that let people pull the Andon Cord. The people that survive will be the ones that have the courage to do so.

Readers will learn a method for systematically tracking software architecture decisions through ADRs, introducing a lifecycle that will support this process.

Understanding the relationship between organizational design and organization size is crucial for businesses looking how to achieve their goals. In this article, we will explore the key factors that organizations face as they grow, and how their organizational design impacts their ability to overcome these challenges.

It's easy for developers to hide out at either end of a spectrum, on one end doing what we're told and on the other doing what we want. But real work happens in between these.

We dramatically, repeatedly fail to predict the future. Does that mean "strategy" is senseless? No, it means you need these techniques to navigate a volatile world.