Writing our 3-year technical vision

#45 – July 12, 2021


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One of my initial goals was to come up with an overarching technical vision for the whole company aligned with our 3-year business strategy, and that would move us away from a monolithic architecture and central SRE team to a distributed system where we shift ownership to each team.

Management can at times seem like staring down a large block of marble — an intimidating task that requires the right tools. And in our experience, most management advice tends to focus on tackling the biggest chunks: assembling high-performing teams through hiring, delivering tough feedback and checking in regularly.

Very early in your software building career, you hit the upper limit of what you could accomplish on your own. You naturally sought to extend beyond the limit by enlisting help from other human beings.

Many years ago, when I asked a very grumpy direct report to “start bringing solutions, not just problems,” it did not go well.

Like it or not, meetings are essential to a good working environment and communication. Therefore, it’s crucial that we work on making them as productive as possible. Today we’ll explore myriad ways to keep meetings coordinated, well documented, and talk about how to recognize and steer away from anti-patterns.