Architects, Anti-Patterns, and Organizational Fuckery

#131 – March 20, 2023

What I have observed is that the architect role tends to be the locus of a whole mess of antipatterns and organizational fuckery. The role itself can also be one that does not set up the people who hold it for a successful career in the long run, if they are not careful. It can be a one-way street to being obsolete.

Join our Head of Engineering, Snir Kodesh, and the rest of the Retool team for our first Developer Day on March 29th. We'll be diving deep into new GPT-powered features, Python support, and a brand new product for managing your business data—all in Retool.

Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) has mostly delivered on the promise of zero ops, zero maintenance software. But what happens if a core service your business relies on disappears overnight? What happens if it doesn’t come back? And in the current Venture Capital downturn, how likely is this to occur, and what steps are you taking to mitigate this risk?

You see it everywhere: Engineers complaining about the product managers that they work with. Hating on PMs is so universal that it’s always good for a light chuckle in the right circles. This cycle is worth breaking.

Comparison of the differences between high trust and low trust organizations.

Hear from Dario Amodei (CEO @ Anthropic), Erica Brescia (Managing Director @ Redpoint Ventures) and Simon Marlow (Engineer @ Meta), David Sacks (GP @ Craft Ventures), and the team at Sourcegraph for a series of talks around the intersection of AI and code intelligence and what it means for the engineering world. Register here for the March 23rd event.

Leaders at different levels have distinct goals and context, therefore the tactics you use to influence leaders at different levels should also be distinct.

Welcome back to Armchair Architects as part of the Azure Enablement Show. Today we're going to talk about this architecture erosion and we're also going to talk about technical debt with our Armchair Architects, Uli Homann and Eric Charran.