When do you code as a staff engineer?

#126 – February 13, 2023

A coworker asked me this question and I thought my answer could be helpful to others struggling with the same ambiguity. When you’re leading multi-team projects as more of an architect, is the only way to code to do “snacking” (i.e., low-impact, low-effort work that could be done by less experienced engineers)?

In this 1-hour course, you’ll learn how to spin up a Kubernetes cluster using Terraform. Hosted by best-selling Udemy instructor and author, Justin Mitchel, the course also covers the requirements for Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) to deploy a pre-built public container from DockerHub on our cluster.

The common trope that feedback is a gift is a misnomer: we love giving and receiving gifts but recoil from delivering and accepting feedback. Some truths are hard to hear and discuss, so the gift-giving metaphor falls short.

Do you remember your backlog ever shrinking? Of course you don’t. Backlogs never shrink.

One of my great sins as a leader is falling too deeply into the systems thinking trap, which I’ve spent years digging out from, but whenever folks talk about failed cultural change, I believe they’re stuck in one of two common traps.

Todd Wenning discusses how companies with economic moats and relevant products can extend the innings of their competitive lifecycles.