Meetings for an effective eng organization

#123 – January 23, 2023

Some engineers develop a strong point of view that meetings are a waste of their time. There’s good reason for that perspective, as many meetings are quite bad, but it’s also a bit myopic: meetings can also be an exceptionally valuable part of a well-run organization.

Kalix is a platform as a service that allows your team to build high-performance microservices and APIs incredibly fast, cost efficient and with no operations necessary.

Resilience is deeper than reliability. Reliability can be measured: it is how often you perform as expected. Southwest has a higher on-time percentage than United, in the data I looked at.

In all reality, every division in a company has its own pain points. While it seems that one department refuses to fix the problem of the other, it is also true that most people in the company work with good intentions.

The feature factory model rests on sound historical foundations, but it is causing massive waste and cost when applied to software.

This guide shows you how to write, structure, visualize and manage software architecture documentation in a lean way using appropriate documentation tools.

Stop repeating mistakes, debug issues faster, improve engineering metrics — and successfully adopt new tools and best practices with Swimm.

Last week, in the first of a two-part post, we explained how we implemented event-driven architecture in Global Technology. In this week’s post, we explore how actually works and how the data flows through the system.

There are many ways to be influential. You can form 1:1 relationships with people, have small group meetings, do talks, send out a code review, or argue in Slack. All of those can be valuable at the right time. But there's one tool that I choose most often: long-form writing. Writing is the closest thing I know to magic.

Metrics that you ought to be interested in as an early stage technology leader, for teams, individuals, and the organization as a whole.