The Angel’s in the Details

#119 – December 12, 2022

On a recent call, a Walmart store manager spoke about how he transformed his store’s performance by focusing his team on the little things. The signal in the noise for him was the cleanliness of the bathrooms. If the bathrooms were spotless, this was an indication that everything else in the store was going right.

Directus is an open-source platform (with 18k GitHub stars, 20M downloads) that sits on top of your SQL database, and dynamically generates REST and GraphQL APIs, providing you with a secure and intuitive no-code app. The new cloud platform offers a global CDN, end-to-end project provisioning, granular access control, and lots more. Self-hosted or in the Cloud, Directus is perfect for any developer and every project.

When I first interviewed at Netflix, I noticed that by and large the folks I met had been at Netflix for a long time. It made me curious, so I asked the question, “how do you think about the risk of echo chambers?” The answer, in short, was “additivity”.

It’s been around two and a half years since Shopify became a fully remote-first company. James Stanier shares three tips for succeeding remotely.

What do you do with a finite amount of time to deal with an infinite number of things that can go wrong? This post breaks down a high-level risk mitigation process into four questions that can be applied to nearly any scenario in order to help you make the best use of your time and resources available.

Organizations are “shifting left” as a more effective method of mobile app security. In our latest report, we take a deep dive into OWASP’s Mobile App Security Verification Standard (MASVS) framework to help you implement a multi-layered security approach for your mobile apps to prevent risks like vulnerable code, components, and dependencies.

Strong relationships built in the small moments will be what you lean on to get through tough times.

Now, let's dive into product building a little bit.

And we'll wrap up with an interesting take on your personal values at work.