The Perks of a High-Documentation, Low-Meeting Work Culture

#117 – November 28, 2022

I stumbled on a lot of interesting articles this week and this issue is going to be a bit longer than usual. Let me know if you like more content or prefer sticking to the top of the top. 👌

We get a lot more done in way less time at Tremendous. Mostly because of our high-documentation, low-meeting work culture. We'll tell you exactly what that means.

Hear from industry experts on how they’re solving some of the most interesting challenges in software with cutting-edge processes and tools at Unblock, a 2-day virtual conference bringing together engineering and infrastructure leaders.

Designing systems at scale can be a daunting task at the best of times and when you add in the complexity of managing stakeholders, the whole process can get complicated fast.

Audun Fauchald Strand and Truls Jørgensen describe how they have succeeded to align their teams by internal tech radar increasing communication between teams, and a weekly dive on a specific topic.

Going through your first reorg as a leader? Here's how to ensure it goes smoothly for you and your team.

It’s been a wild week in Twitter land, as Elon has grabbed the controls of the plane not with the detached cool of Han Solo, but something more like the wild-eyed, manic smile of Cyrus the Virus in Con Air. We’re here to offer some thoughts on why some of what Elon is doing might make sense – and also why some of his moves really are as crazy as they look.

Supporting a global remote company in hypergrowth is no easy feat and the playbook is different from traditional IT work. In this article by Teleport, learn about some of the IT philosophies that enable employees to keep their agility despite working very asynchronously around the world.

Leverage = impact produced / time invested. It is the ability to get more done with less effort, time or money.

An overview of the book 'The Making of a Manager' by Julie Zhou. Including some of my key takeaways, how they relate to my own experience, and what I am trying to implement as a result.

Have a great week and I'll see you next Monday! 👋