The Senior Shift

#115 – November 14, 2022

In most tech companies, the first few levels of an engineering career ladder are pretty straightforward. You must grow from someone who needs a lot of oversight to an independent engineer.

Authentication and authorization are critical parts of any application. It's the front door to your app. But auth is also a security risk. If you are considering outsourcing your auth, check out this ebook, which includes how to evaluate an auth system, risks you might encounter and how to mitigate them, and migration implementation details.

Over the last few months I've worked with teams to help them adapt Shape Up to their specific context. Talking to a wider variety of teams has been eye-opening. It's helped me discover many hidden factors that were present at Basecamp when I first wrote the book.

A few weeks ago I bought a piano. It’s a digital piano, which I’m quite excited about for a few reasons: I remain haunted by forgetting to water our piano as a child, it was a ninety pound package that I could install myself rather than a standard piano’s seven hundred pound stature, and most importantly it actually fit in the available nook. One motivation was that our son loves music.

Some personal traits can be changed, and some cannot. The dimensions where people tend to improve with time and coaching are reliably distinct from the dimensions that don’t tend to change even with significant time and coaching.

Learn exactly what you need to do to become a more strategic leader, including practical steps to incorporating strategic work into your daily schedule.