Are 1:1s Worth The Time?

The benefits of 1:1 meetings outweigh the negatives when managed effectively

Are 1:1s Worth The Time?
8 minutes by Mike Fisher

Despite these potential downsides, in my opinion, the benefits of 1:1 meetings generally outweigh the negatives when managed effectively. By adopting frameworks and best practices, managers can maximize the value of these interactions.

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If your team counts “technical” stories, no, there's no earned value there. I understand why activity-based accounting likes earned value, but earned value makes zero sense for software products. What should you measure? Start with the flow metrics and demos, because they explain the true reality of the project's progress.

Focussing on the next promotion can be myopic. How do we coach our reports to the global maxima of their careers?

Goal Crafting
4 minutes by Subbu Allamaraju

Goal crafting is one of the most essential leadership activities. Organizational performance and team growth depend on well-crafted goals. Without a good goal-crafting exercise, your teams may focus on what is in front of their noses, solving what seems quickly solvable.

Tech Executive Alignment
7 minutes by Aviv Ben-Yosef

Many tech leaders find it hard to decide what behaviors they should be working on personally. One diagnostic measure that is effective in helping them realize what their “defaults” are and what to focus on to grow as leaders is this focus/autonomy.

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